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How to Save Money Without Using Coupons!
by Trudy W. Schuett
I used to be the queen of coupon-mania. I had a master file, with each little 25cent-off shred of paper neatly categorized and filed. I took advantage of all those refund offers, too, to the tune of about $20.00 a week.  I saved labels from every product I used, and my neighbors got into the habit of saving theirs for me.
I even had a coupon club that met in my basement once a month, so you can see how far in to this compulsion I was!
One day, a violent spring storm changed all that. The  basement where I stored everything flooded, and all “my Coupon Stuff” went out to the curb in black garbage bags—16 of them! All I had left was the little pocket organizer that I carried at all times in my purse.  I dreaded the approach of the weekly shopping day, because I just knew I wouldn’t know how to act, once I got to the grocery store.
What I didn’t know was that I’d already done most of the legwork for a no-fail shopping system, and that I was already guaranteed I’d get the best products at the lowest prices, anyway. When I got to the checkout, I was stunned to find that even without coupons, my bill was actually lower than normal! As an added plus, I realized I’d spent a lot less time at the grocery store, since I didn’t have to bother looking for the exact item covered by my dozens of coupons. I knew I’d hit on something, and looked forward to being able to read my Sunday paper in peace, without the scissors and file at my side.
Of course, some people enjoy going through all this nonsense in order to save a few cents here and there. If you’ve got the time to waste, then go for it! But most of us are more concerned with feeding our families good food, at the lowest price, without having to spend 5-10 hours every week sorting thru paperwork. Here’s how it works: NEXT


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